You have it all...or do you? You've learned it all...or did you?

• You've got a good career, or at least a more-than-respectable job. But do you
  have real satisfaction?
• You learned how to succeed financially. But did you learn how to succeed
• You have food on the table, and money in the bank. But what's in your heart? Is
  your soul satisfied?
• You're driving the car you always wanted. But are you driving yourself crazy
  because you feel like something's still missing?

Are you really living the life you want, the best life that you can? How do you measure real success? That's something they don't teach in business school.

They also don't teach you how to conquer your fears, how to accept others as they are, and how to turn adversity into opportunity.

Fortunately, there's now a book for all that. Executive Wisdom.

Executive Wisdom teaches you all those really important lessons you never learned in business school. Most especially, the author teaches that success is not measured by net worth alone.

How can you call yourself successful if you aren't satisfied and happy?

If you were never taught how to succeed emotionally as well as financially, let Executive Wisdom be your teacher. This book will teach you how to:

  • Lead, not manage
  • Create synergy between your financial goals & emotional needs
  • Use your wealth to transform, not control
  • Win at the chess game of life


The greatest crisis confronting global capitalism today is the lack of leadership. Leaders are not just managers; they are sources of inspiration and guidance. Executive Wisdom dispels the myth that success is measured only in terms of net worth. Instead, Reynier Lezcano shows that true leaders achieve the most success with balanced action and human sensibility.

This book reminds you that financial success and emotional fulfillment are not opposite goals. In fact, they complement each other. If you are ready to put aside all you've been taught and conditioned to do in the world of career and business, then you are ready for Executive Wisdom.


Reynier Lezcano, MS is a Cuban-born author, former Novice at a Cistercian monastery and creator of The VACE Method for Achievement™. He developed the SMART Agenda for Weight Loss and is currently conducting leadership training sessions throughout South Florida. Reynier completed graduate studies at Nova Southeastern University, and lives in Miami, FL with his family.


"Delightfully unusual. Everyone should read this book at least once. It will address your most hidden fears and give you enough confidence and willpower to change your life."

- Sandra Hernández
CFO, Colonial Press International.

"A must read, must have for anyone looking to improve every aspect of life: spiritual, mental, physical, and financial. Amazing message. So much wisdom is contained inside this little book!"

- Maria Amparo Yuste
Executive Director, CAMARA US-Spain Chamber of Commerce

"This refreshing and inspiring book reads like a cross between Scripture and a Steven Covey bestseller. Presented through insightful adages, this young voice expounds upon many of life's challenges with emphatic fervor."

- Susan Caraballo
Founder, Artemis

"In each page, Mr. Lezcano presents unique ways for people to achieve a higher level of wellbeing and an understanding of how their world operates. This is one of the best investments of time and money you'll ever make, and a treasure you'll come back to again and again."

- Damian Barcelo
President, OceanView Boats, Inc.

"A work one can consult anytime to achieve excellence in all aspects of life. It encourages self-analysis by painting a clear image of success through wholesome actions and lofty thoughts. Executive Wisdom offers the best advise to anyone who aspires to be a bountifully content person."

- George L. Puentes
Cornell University alumni

"This book demonstrates the sensitivity and maturity of its writer and makes the reader think and reflect about important decisions to be made in life."

- Dulce Goldenberg
Vice-President, French Alliance/Miami, FL

"Your book is full of encouragement and support. I look forward to reading it."

- Timothy M. Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York

"A well written book, which could be used as a daily guide of reminders of how to use our leadership roles effectively."

- Tomas P. Regalado
Mayor of Miami, FL

"Your book is full of useful, age-old adages that continue to serve as guides for leaders in any field."

- Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Member of Congress

"Some of the things I've learned: work eight hours and sleep eight hours; show a new look periodically; be willing to make decisions; and learn to listen."

- T. Boon Pickens
Forbes 400 billionaire

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